Nathan Rice

A Craft Brewer in Central Texas



"This tastes like real chocolate. Totally delicious - almost but not quite too sweet. Along with Raspberry Dissonance, this was one of my favorite beers from my visit to 3 Stars."
- Review of Starsky and Dutch on

"WOW!!!! Super fresh big bright floral nose poured golden out of a can with a great white lacey head. The hop aromas pop up and smack you in the mouth in the best way possible. Big, floral, juicy and bitter it hides the 8.4% abv beneath a solid flavor and balanced bitterness. Had it when it was a only 5 days old. Love that these guys are focused on getting such fresh beer out to the market. Nice work."
- Review of #ultrafresh on

"This was poured at the Beer Advocate Microbrew Invitational and was an apparent crowd favorite as it ran out at each session I attended. Poured a beautiful deep pink with a nice resillient head. The nose was big and tart with delicious notes of fruit and funk. Wonderfully balanced tartness with a lively mouthfeel and a complex clean finish."
- Review of Ricky Rose on


"Whatever made you want to be a brewer, that's your god and you serve that god everyday. The day that you're not serving that god, it's time to go do something else." - Garrett Oliver